Executives Health Programme

Executives are often confronted with a twofold challenge: a demanding lifestyle in terms of health and time constraints. Therefore, regular preventive health care and a healthy lifestyle is extremely important especially for executives. It is also necessary to identify burnout symptoms as early as possible and treat them systematically.

Since year 2000 our private practice offers regular, mostly annual, check-ups and health counselling services specifically focussing on health challenges of executives. The examinations generally last two hours. We also offer flexible appointments, early morning/late evening appointments and optimum timing of the examinations: The check-up can be split over multiple appointments upon request.

Within the framework of our check-up programme for executives we offer

  • Flexible appointment schedule
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Nicotine withdrawal

In addition, our medical care services for executives comprise treatment of acute and chronic burnout diseases. This includes physical as well as emotional disorders.

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