Dr. med. Sabine Eversheim

  • Specialist in General Medicine
  • Specialist in Alternative Medicine
  • Specialist in Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (DÄGfA A- and B- Diploma)
  • Travel medicine
  • Member of the Medical Association of the State of Hessen
  • Member of the German Doctors Association for Acupuncture (DÄGfA)
  • Member of the Central Association of Doctors for Alternative Medicine (ZÄN)
  • Specialist training in general medicine at the surgical department of the city hospital Dresden-Friedrichstadt, the orthopaedic department of the university medical centre in Aachen, the internist/cardiology clinic of the KVB in Königstein, as well as at a practice for general medicine and naturopathy
  • Study of human medicine at the Heidelberg University

Marion Kuba-Ludwig

  • Longstanding experience as physician assistant
  • Certified diabetes counselor for type II diabetes (with/without insulin)

Martina Becht

  • Longstanding experience as physician assistant


Dr. med. Sabine Eversheim
Limburger Str. 1 a
61462 Königstein
Phone (06174) 96 88 96